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Q: Why Doesn't My Generator Start?
A: The likely possibilities are dead battery, no fuel in tank, fuel line shut off, or the unit is not in Auto.
Q: My generator starts and runs but there is no power in the house.
A: Check that the main breaker on the generator is in the “on” position.
Q: I smell gas at my generator when it isn’t running.
A: Shut off the fuel source and call a generator technician or plumber.
Q: My generator didn’t exercise this week.
A: Reset the generator’s exerciser on the control panel.
Q: Power is back but my generator won’t shut off.
A: This is probably caused by a fault in the transfer switch and you will need a qualified generator technician to diagnose and repair the problem.
Q: Do I need to service my generator?
A: Yes. Basic service can be performed by the homeowner or a generator technician can perform it if the homeowner is uncomfortable doing it.
Q: What type of oil should I use in my standby generator?
A: Use full synthetic 5W30 motor oil.
Q: Where can I get parts to service my generator?
A: Visit our Generator Parts Page. Don’t know what parts you need? View our parts manuals online. You can also call us at 570-326-1764 or Contact Us and our expert staff will help you directly.
Q: Who can I contact if I have a technical question about my generator?
A: Call us at 570-326-1764 or Contact Us and our expert staff will help you directly.
Q: I no longer have my owner’s manual. How can I get a replacement?
A: We carry most common owner’s manuals in our directories online, click for the type of manual you are looking for below: