Generator Maintenance Programs & Services

Generator Services Offered

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Services
  • Service for Most manufacturers
  • Generator Set Rental

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  • Williamsport, Lock Haven, Bloomsburg, Berwick, Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Altoona, Clearfield, St. Mary’s, Bradford

New York

  • Olean, Elmira, Endicott, Binghamton

Scheduled Maintenance

Hunter & Lomison Inc. offers individualized maintenance programs to help your generator system operate at its best. Programs include a 42 point inspection, fluid/filter changes and ignition parts. Optional services include generator load bank testing, oil and coolant analysis, as well as complete test of the generator system. Annual and Semi-Annual programs are available.

Maintenance & Repair

  • Change oil, oil filter and fuel filter (if applicable)
  • Replace spark plugs, points and condenser (if applicable)
  • Test Battery Charger Operation
  • 42 Point inspection; Click Here for a sample inspection report
  • Test automatic transfer switch and transfer (with customer permission)
  • Check fuel level
  • Optional oil and coolant analysis
  • Dispose of used oil and filters

Semi-Annual Maintenance

Maintenance programs enable us to find and correct minor problems before they become major problems. Scheduled maintenance does not guarantee you will never have a problem but it lessens the chances of problems occurring.

  • Receive all services provided with annual maintenance plus an additional inspection performed six months after the first service
  • Note: Second service does not include oil and filter change or ignition parts.

Load Bank Testing

Hunter & Lomison offers load bank testing as an optional part of our yearly maintenance agreement. Load bank testing is an ideal way to ensure the integrity of your generator and prevent generator failure during an emergency.

Benefits of load banking your generator

  • Prevents moisture build up on internal parts.
  • Removes carbon and soot from cylinders, heads and exhaust system.
  • If done within the first year of service will help seat rings and other internal parts.

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