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Generac Control Board 0C15370SRV

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Assembly, Control Board HSB

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The Generac 0C15370SRV controller is used on certain air-cooled Generac home standby generators. It is responsible for sensing utility voltage, automatically starting and stopping the generator’s engine, transferring the power from utility to emergency or vice versa, and monitoring the entire system for correct performance. It has 5 status indicator lights:

  • System Set
  • Low Oil
  • High Temp
  • Over Speed
  • Over Crank

It is not responsible for charging the generator’s start battery or regulating voltage; it works with battery charger 0A18010SRV and voltage regulator 0830480SRV, both of which are also available from Hunter & Lomison.

Hunter & Lomison keeps the 0C15370SRV control board in stock for immediate delivery. If you are unsure which controller your generator uses or have any other questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Front CP 0C15370SRV Controller Drawing

Drawing of the interface for the Generac 0C15370SRV controller.

0C15370SRV Highlighted

Location of the Generac 0C15370SRV controller on a parts breakdown (highlighted in yellow).

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