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When diesel-powered generators are regularly run without enough electrical load they often don’t get hot enough to complete the process of combustion, and deposits of unburnt fuel can collect in the exhaust system. This condition is known as “wet stacking” because the unburnt fuel will appear as an oily deposit on the exhaust stack or stacks. The carbon buildup will accelerate in relation to the amount of carbon already deposited. Moving parts, like valves, pistons, etc., will begin to be adversely affected until they fail. Fuel economy and engine performance will suffer and your generator may not be able to perform its intended tasks when you need it. What can you do?

Call Hunter & Lomison and schedule a load bank test.

A load bank places an electrical load on your generator that will force it to perform at its rated capacity. When the load bank test is performed for 2 hours or longer, the engine will produce enough heat to burn off the excess fuel and carbon.

Load bank testing is performed on gaseous fueled generators, too. Load bank testing a gaseous unit will ensure that the system is properly tested for full performance at its rated capacity.

If you have any questions about load bank testing, would like to schedule the testing, or just want a quote for the testing, please call Hunter & Lomison at 570-326-1764 and speak to one of our experts.