Our service department is 100% open and staff is on duty for scheduled maintenance, repairs, and 24/7/365 emergency calls. Click here to read our full statement.
On a Sunday in December Hunter & Lomison received a call from Judy M. She said that her generator didn’t start and utility power was out. Judy said that the family needed power because of dire medical issue with a family member. I dispatched a tech to her house for service. George, our technician, called me with several questions and it was decided that the generator was not going to be repaired that day because of major component failed. Judy requested a price on a replacement generator. I relayed the price from my tech to her. She agreed and I went to my shop and loaded a new generator in my truck and went to the jobsite.

My tech and I spent the next couple of hours installing the new generator. Judy was so happy that she made us both hot chocolate! This is just one of many stories Hunter & Lomison has for generator service going the extra mile to help people.

emergency generator installation